I make new businesses and new social media influencers incredibly successful.

-the Mission

Dustin Hedrick is the CEO of Dream Defenders Technology, a technology, consulting and communications holding company and the active Leader of the Nerd Chic YouTube Channel and Ask the Nerd Podcasts.

In the early 2000’s, Dustin jumped onto projects in their infancy and beta stages such as WordPress, the Facebook, Google Drive & Apps, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube before Google acquired it. With code, sweat and tears in many of these projects as well as experience consulting with companies around the globe on everything from cyber security, ethical hacking, business continuity, systems development and integration and social media marketing, he has been able to found multiple companies and non-profits, some of which make more than $1 million a year as well as strategize the greatest growth of others in the fields of finance, accounting, law and engineering by developing their technology systems, online & social media presence and training their teams as well as managed more than 10 mergers for clients as they integrated companies they purchased into their systems, leaving all the headache of data integration and systems migration to his team alone. He has been the CTO on 4 company boards, two of which are in the Washington, DC metro area and to this day loves a great coffee and book almost anywhere in the world he has traveled.

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Interested in interviewing Dustin, a consultation, coaching session, speaking engagement or if you are a brand looking to have your product or service reviewed or placed on the Ask the Nerd podcast or Nerd Chic YouTube Channel, call: 240-772-4435 or email: dustin(at)dustinhedrick.com