The Warrior’s Manual

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The Second Edition, updated and expanded.

The lost ways of the Christian Faith. This book exists to decrypt the ancient hidden truths of the Holy Scriptures to a future generation as well as to introduce them to the person of Holy Spirit. This book is Not for the faint of heart. If you want to go deeper into the things of the faith life of Jesus Christ, please keep reading. If not, Do Not Buy This Book. This book will likely incite those that are religious and have been in the church for years and if it does not, it may revive them. Don’t buy this book to do anyone a favor.

Topics Covered in this book include:
The Christian Founding Creed
The Impetus of Our Faith
Maturity in Faith
Spiritual Fruit
Spiritual Gifts
Intimacy with Holy Spirit
Phases of Worship
Spiritual Warfare
Works of Compassion
Social Justice

Only move forward if you wish to be stirred, changed and incited for Kingdom collisions and activity. God’s Furious, passionate love is building for a generation willing to do whatever the cost to see Him move again. God, we have heard of Your deeds and Your great fame. Renew them in our day and in our time, make them known. Remember mercy!