The Forest Fire

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In the 1990’s there were campus revivals and awakenings all over the United States. Students were praying and asking GOD to invade their campuses with a real sense of GOD’s nearness and Presence. Once campus that was affected was the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There were many factors around the movement in the 1990’s that touched the school, this story is from the perspective of a few of the students that prayed for GOD to come.

And GOD came near.

This book is more than a biography or historical account, it is a record of the facts and information surrounding a true movement of revival on America’s first State University as well as an embedded call to action for students of this current era to press into GOD, to attempt the impossible, to press in through prayer and ask GOD for the unthinkable. A new movement in this era.

If you either know a student who is in college or heading to college or you have a student in your family, get this book for them. It will call them to be set apart and to believe for more than the normal college kid is after on campus.

And if you are a student, let us ask you…

Why stand by and watch another generation slide away? Why not ask GOD what you can do in your generation and take a risk. Why not start a movement of prayer on your campus? It only takes one to start a fire.

Who knows. It might be a forest fire!