Using Junxure Interfaces & the Outlook Addin

Using CRM Software’s Junxure, Third Party Interfaces & the Outlook Addin

1 – If you need one of their third party resources or addins or “interfaces,” go here:

This includes PortfolioCenter, MoneyGuide Pro, MoneyTree, Axys, Adhesion, Cheshire Software, Precise FP, or other.

2 – If you need to download the newest version of the Junxure Outlook addin, go here:

Also, here is the instructions:  

3 – When you are having an issue with the Outlook addin, simply restart it by going this route:

Start Menu->All Programs->CRM Software->Junxure Outlook Addin

Click “Unregister Addin” and then wait. Go back and reopen and then click, “Register Addin.” You will have to close Outlook during this process, however sometimes that fixes your issue if Junxure all of a sudden stops importing emails from one or all your clients.

Also, if you are having an issue with your email not being automatically pulled into Junxure, you may want to go in and see if the client contact inside Junxure has the Classification “Email” selected in the “Profile” area.

Lastly, never forget to update the Junxure Outlook Addin every time you update Junxure. HOWEVER… DO NOT download a new version of the addin if you have not updated Junxure. That can create some issues!!!!!