Precise FP Importer | for Junxure CRM

PreciseFP™ is an intelligent, customizable online questionnaire that allows clients and prospects to provide data to their financial planners in a fast, easy, and efficient manner. This tool will process a PreciseFP™ XML file into a Junxure contact. (Note: only new contacts are imported – this interface does not update existing contacts.)

See below for steps to:

•Install the PreciseFP interface

•Using the PreciseFP interface


This interface should be installed on the workstation where you wish to perform the import. Once a contact has been imported, the information will be visible on all workstations.

•Click this link to run a self-extracting executable that will install your workstation with the PreciseFP interface

•Click Run, Run, then Install on the dialog boxes that appear. (Do not change the destination folder on the WinRAR self-extracting archive dialog box).

•If you see a Confirm file replace dialog message, click Yes to All to replace outdated files with the most current files.

•Once the install is complete, the interface will launch for the first time. (See instructions below for using the PreciseFP interface.)

Note: Firefox and Google Chrome users may need to download and save the file before running.

To create an icon on your desktop for this interface, browse to C:JunxureCodeDn and find the file called JXPreciseFP.exe. Right click the file and then choose Send To – Desktop.