My Personal Church Planting Roadmap

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!! Updated 2011-3-30

If I were to plant a church today both knowing what I already now know and with the available tools that we have today, I would do take this map to set myself up for a great plant. Whether it is done as a huge launch or a small cell group plant, this is the base foundational steps I would take. This is NOT an exhaustive account nor is it the only account, but it is ONE account.

1 – Pray and worship on your own and build a family altar time. (Pray, Prayer Walk, Spiritual Prayer Mapping, more) I encourage you to read the books: This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti and

2 – Begin to build your family up. Make your goal to be to have the family that everyone else has always wanted.

This requires:

A – Healthy Boundaries (The book Boundaries by  works great here)

B – Healthy Goals and Mission for the family with clearly defined values such as a date night and family night. (“BIG RED X”)

C – Think in emotional bank account terms. Ask each other how the love tank is doing.

D – Learn your love languages (You really need to read the book; The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman here)

2 – Get a sincere, clear, personal vision & find a way to communicate it well. A story.

Be ready to commit to it. Be white hot on fire for it. OR DO NOT DO IT!

3 – Find your wildly important thing. (Your hedgehog Concept)

This is the best place to read; Good to Great by Jim Collins

4 – Become the GREATEST student of your culture and area.

Active Listening

Demographic Research

Careful Eye

Survey or Covertly One on One Survey (Great beginning to evangelism)

READ, READ and READ (Find everything. Research history, articles, tragedy, churches, etc).

Find out who is moving in and who is moving out

Define your exact target audience and demographic

5 – Build a great team of ENERGIZED individuals that are more excited about being on the bus with each other than where the bus is going.

Be ready to commit your life to them. Your best leaders will leave you after draining your life and resources and when they go, they will take your team members and your TV. (And you are going to love it when they do whether good OR BAD!)

6 – Pray and worship together building intimacy with your team.

Intimacy is KEY HERE! Great Kingdom Movements are ONLY born in intimacy with the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus. (We do everything we do  out of OVERFLOW from our personal love life with Poppa).

7 – Learn your team’s love languages and clearly make an effort to communicate love, filling their tanks in the way they receive love.

Become their biggest fan

Become their greatest servant

Become their launching pad

Become their mentor (And look for ways to make them a success. Everyone loves to be around someone that makes them more successful and feel better about themselves).

8 – Make a standard meeting time and eat together when you meet.

9 – Begin to develop your identity, plan and strategy TOGETHER AS A TEAM. You are not a top down leader. You are bringing a team for joint buy in.

10 – A good idea in approaching the setup of the plan

A – Define your Operations. (Virtual Office? Paperless? Etc.)

For the purpose of this page, I am going to share what I have done. I have created the paperless, virtual office that can be setup and torn down easily and is usable around the world and is almost seamless in communication. (I have used it in the far reaches of Kisii, Kenya in the jungle with one bar of service on my smartphone).

Click here for my page on the Virtual Office I have setup and how it works. (This is kind of like an operations manual for our virtual office space).

B – Define your modes and methods of communications

C – Define clear expectations for communications and boundaries

D – Define your culture of conversation and leadership. (Is it OK to fight? Is it OK to disagree? When is too far? How do we do reconciliation?)

E – The 7 Habits work well here. (It is necessary for time management and more to learn these concepts.

11 – Developing the teams, leaders and ministries of church (This can be a long or short process and should never be rushed into. I love getting anyone that is a GREAT team member on the bus, however, I often am slow to moving them to a final seat. I may even have them try a seat and learn in order to get to know them and for the team to get to know themselves and each other and then move them from seat to seat until there is a real good fit).

A – Developing a Prayer Ministry Team (You can download my materials for prayer ministry team development here). Training 1 & Training 2

12 – Taking care of the legal stuff


These next sections are devoted to the three basic ways I see launching a church. (Now, the key to note is that every church and area is its own. There is NO SPECIFIC launch model that works everywhere. We need to first be students of our culture and then we can learn the best approach to the launch. We have to be INTIMATE with the Holy Spirit as well or there is no way forward).

I – The cell group SMALL launch

II – The BIG EVENT Launch

III – The slow, almost not even launching, covert, we sneak up on you; launch.

For all of the above three kinds of launches, here are come common things you will need to think about:

1 – Marketing Plan. (I am big on looking at marketing as ministry and if the marketing does not minister, I won’t do it). For the marketing plan, you need to do the following first:

(a) Choose the Demographic you are attempting to reach.

(b) Choose your means of marketing: web, direct mail, Outreach, or a mixture of all.

(i) For direct mail, you can buy lists from: Leads Please, they are VERY inexpensive at around $79 per 1000 leads  (

(ii) For website hosting, I am partial to my friends at (

(iii) For web consulting, you need to contact me. I have been doing non-profit web work for years and I am developing my consultation company now. (

(iv) I personally am sold on WordPress for websites and build almost everything on this format having developed themes, plugins and code for this format and/or RSS since 2004 – 2005.

(v) For outreach ideas and outreach resources including bulletins, banners, door hangers, cards, books, booklets, trainings, and MUCH MORE, go to Outreach Magazine ( Outreach Resources (