Church Planting Resources

I am working on this page because I sincerely BELIEVE in church planting. As a church planter for the Association of Vineyard Churches and having planted churches internationally and locally for a couple other denominations including Baptist, Pentacostal & Non-Denominational, I have picked up some resources, tips and learning that I really hope to freely pass on to other willing and excited church planters out there.

And let me state this… IF you are looking to church plant and you are a more balanced kind of Empowered Evangelical, you are welcome to contact me personally and I will do everything I can to encourage you.

I hope this page helps. (I will keep adding to it and reviewing it. Just bookmark it and come back when you need to).

Great Resources Before your Start:
1 – Nelson Searcy
-Church Planting Resources
2 – Read Good to Great by Jim Collins
3 – Read the 7 Habits by Stephen Covey (Yes, he’s Mormon, but the principals are awesome).
4 – 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player, John Maxwell
5 – 21 Indespensible Qualities of a Leader, John Maxwell
6 – Vineyard Church Planting Resources
7 – The 5 Love Languages
8 – Check out my post on “the Personal mDIV”

You really have to think about Project Planning and Vision Casting. Here are some resources to help with that: (Of course, you start with that burn in your gut and a nagging feeling that you have to do something about the state of the world around you and then you start to HEAR AND SEE what GOD is already doing. At which point you think… “Hey I need to do something about this…” Then you start learning and become the biggest student you can be of your culture and area. Begin to dig deep, listen long to everyone, and develop insight…)
1 – Franklin Covey’s Mission Builder tool
2 – Basecamp or Manymoon
3 –

Becoming a student of your culture, you need to think about…
1 –
2 –
3 –

What about a Virtual Office? How are you going to share docs and communicate?
1 – Google Apps
2 – Dropbox
3 – Evernote
4 – Sugarsync
5 – Backblaze
6 – iPhone & Android

Marketing Resources
(My philosophy on marketing is that I do not believe in doing anything to promote the church UNLESS I fully believe that what I am doing is NOT focused on getting people so we can sonsume their resources, but instead is so that we can do ministry. I want ALL my marketing pieces to DO MINISTRY! I hope this makes sense).

The first thing I will say is that if you are looking to do marketing, you should START with a GREAT WEBSITE and a GREAT business card.

Business Cards:

Steps to having a GREAT website:
1 – Think simple
2 – Get your message across
3 – Meta Tags
5 – Think about mobile versions (FLASH IS AN ISSUE) and make sure to think about iPad.
6 –

For more print kind of marketing, you can do Rave cards and Postcards.
Rave Card Printing & Postcard Printing

(Take it from me, DO NOT USE Valpak!!!!! They do not bring a return)

To create marketing body builboards and to promote the message while creating identity, you can use T-shirts.

For more powerful influence with your marketing while NOT BREAKING the piggy bank, do the following:
1 – Get listed in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and all other LOCAL listings and directories.
2 – Get listed in EVERY search engine possible.
3 -Get ads up on Craigslist and any other classifieds site possible.
4 – Get into every newspaper and media’s business directory.
5 – Start a blog and make sure that all the posts are PINGED!
6 – Social Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Podcast & iTunes, and any other social network possible to connect to).

Outreach Materials ARE KEY!!!!!

Accountability & Learning

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