Personal Prayer Development

Phases of Prayer
(a Practice Worksheet)
These DO NOT need to be done in any specific order, however, I find that the beginning and end are best to stay the same at least. Just make sure you touch on each phase for a balanced love relationship. It’s a conversation and it is give and take like love languages.

These Phases are Based on Matthew 6

1 – Call to Worship | Praise & Thanksgiving | Identification

Verse | “Our father in heaven… hollowed is your name…”
Example | “Good morning LORD, its’ me again. I just want to lift you this morning…”

2 – Agreement | Aligning with GOD’s Plans

Verse | “Your Kingdom Come… Your Will be done…”
Example | “Today, can you come and bring my heart into alignment with what you want to do today? Will you do exactly what you want today? I want to lay down my plans for this day and I want to pick up yours…”

3 – Petition | for both Spiritual & Physical Personal Needs

Verse | “Give us this day our daily bread…”
Example | “Jesus, will you take care of everything I need to today? I need __________, ______________ & _____________.”

4 – Forgiveness | Prerequisite to Confession & Repentance

Verse | “…As we have forgiven our debtors…”
Example | “Please forgive me for holding hurt, pain and bad memories…” “I forgive ___________ for hurting me…” “I allow you to wash over my mind forgiveness toward this bad memory. I will hold it no longer…” “Help me forgive ___________ for hurting me and help me find a way to contact them and convey my forgiveness.”

5 – Confession & Repentance | Which leads to receipt of Forgiveness from GOD

Verse | “Forgive us our sins.”
Example | “GOD, I have sinned in these ways _______________.” “Please forgive me!” “I repent, which means, I am NEVER GOING BACK!”

Some sins to think about here are:
1 – Any unforgiveness we have held against a brother or sister.
2 – Any doubtful thing that we hide in the back of our heart whether we know if it is really sin or not… If it makes us carry guilt, it IS SIN!
3 – Any time we have offended or not listened to the Holy Spirit.
4 – Anything we know that we have done against our brother or sister that is not loving them above ourselves and any time we have not loved GOD above all.
5 – And of course, the BIG TEN!

We must STOP immediately and ask for forgiveness for each area here mentioned.

6 – Future Direction & Protection | Knowing He allows temptation and trial for our maturing, we embrace HIS will above, yet always ask for HIS hand in guiding us through it.

Verse | “Lead us not into temptation… And deliver us from evil…”
Example | “Guide my every step.” “Direct me away from anything evil and from temptation.” “Please keep me strong and able to run back to the WORD when trials and temptation comes.”

7 – Adoration & Worship

Verse | “…For yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the glory forever…”
Example | “You own it all!!!!” “I lift you up!!!” “I bless your name with all my soul!!!” “This is me dancing for you Poppa!”


Listening (Communion) | Communion of spirit with GOD alone and/or with others while together with GOD

Thus, we enter the phases of worship which really culminate in our ability to LISTEN TO GOD. (I will have a separate worksheet based on the phases of the Heart in worship based on John Wimber’s teaching).


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And this is a teaching we had at a Tuesday Night Prayer small group this week where I ended up building the worksheet. We did it last night at Prayer small group and he went to writing it up for us to have more formally. His post is here:

I made only a couple of changes for the information to be easy to follow and understand. We have attempted to take the LORD’s prayer and as simply as possible, look at the different phases that Jesus is illustrating with this amazing model prayer.

Now, the key is to remember that this is NOT a defined structure that MUST be taken in exact step as noted below. You can go through these phases in any order you would like. The key is to remember that each phase is important and though they may be mixed, in order to have a more mature prayer life, we DO NOT encourage you to leave any out.

Also, if you notice, it both starts and ends with a mode of worship. It starts with a real “Call to Worship,” or Praise and thanksgiving, honoring talk and ends with more Adoration kind of worship.

Matthew 6:9-14

Prayer is…

Intimate and personal.  “Go into your private room, shut the door, and pray to your Father who is in secret.”  I shut out the world and create space for God to come and meet with me one on one. NO distractions, no mess, just him and me.  Better than date night.

Direct. “Don’t babble like the idolaters, since they imagine they’ll be heard for their many words…your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.”  No need to beat around the bush, there’s no need to play games or hit the formula just right or just so, God is there and already knows our needs and desires so anything extra comes out of our love for Him not out of a need to placate Him.

Steps of Prayer as we look through the Lord’s Prayer.

(Try this as a series of steps into intimate fuller prayer).

Identification and praise. A recognition of who God is and his Glory.  “Our Father in heaven, Your name be honored as holy.” This is when we recognize how incredibly awesome and praiseworthy our God is and we fall to our knees because of it.

Agreement and alignment. Recognizing that God’s plans are sovereign and submitting ourselves to His vision. “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  Or in the words of a Christ Tomlin song “You’re the God of this City…Greater things are yet to come.”

Petition/supplication. A request to take care of us, not just physically but spiritually, materially, and inter-personally.  “Give us this day our daily bread.”  (Also, ambiguity of language means that just as the divine name suggests past, present and future tenses, so too does this passage suggest a remembering of yesterday’s promise to live in tomorrow’s provision today)

Forgiveness. The Next line in the Lord’s prayer “Forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors” assumes that we don’t hold any unforgiveness.  It assumes that we have let go of any grudges or hurts we have received and reminds us that even though we are forgiven our sins by His grace, that we still must pass it forward and forgive others as well.

Confession, repentance. “And forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors.” This one takes me ages.  I mean if I actually sat down and named out every single sin I was guilty of I’d probably never get off my knees but there are days when that’s exactly what I do.  I confess my sins to my lord and repent of them so that I can more fully walk in His presence.

Future protection and deliverance from current circumstances. “And do not lead us into temptation but delivers us from evil.”

Worship (Doxology). “For Yours is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.” (This kind of) Worship is different from praise and might be better referred to as “adoration.”  In this final place of prayer, I adore God.  I love God and demonstrate my love for him in any way I can manage.

And from this point, we are better led into the phases of worship with GOD.

We start here in prayer and worship and THEN AND ONLY THEN at the end of phases of worship can we find the OVERFLOW to act in Ministry and Giving. (Reference the sermon from 2/13/2011 for more info on this.