Developing your Personal Life Portfolio


So you want to think about more than a financial portfolio, you want a life portfolio do ya?

We are often so worried about diversifying our assets in finance so that we make sure that there is no loss that we do not realize that we should also diversify our life portfolio. You see, it is not just the money that will speak when we are gone, it is the tail of lives that we have affected that will be truly the story told about us.

That’s legacy…

Here’s how I do it:

1 – Creativity

2 – Giving to my church

3 – Starting a Non-Profit or Foundation

4 – Developing Foundations for free

5 – Planting a Church

6 – Micro Finance

7 – Giving to the Arts

8 – Mentoring

9 – Helping the Poor

10 – Serving Others

11 – Giving Personal Grants, Aid, Loans and/or Scholarships

12 – Starting Micro Enterprise

13 – Giving to museums finance and actual stuff

14 – Buying recycled things and/or Fair Trade

15 – Giving to Libraries

16 – Supporting Education and Literacy

17 – Inner City work, clothes closets & Soup Kitchens

18 – Kindness Acts

19 – Adopting a widow or widower

20 – Giving appropriate play and attention to inner city kids

21 – Buying livestock for third world countries

22 –