Building My Prayer Closet


I already know people are going to judge me and think that I am insane, but you know, as abnormal as everyone else’s marriages, jobs, lives and such are, I think that my life bears proof that even though some of the things I do daily are strange, the outcome is one of the most balanced normal of anyone I know!

So, you make the choice. Do you want a balanced, normal personal life or private. And my belief is that you cannot truly have a balanced public life without the private. The reality is that the lack of integrity in the private will always catch up with you in the public realm.

Again, take it from a once broken loser to a really blessed overcomer.

So, here are the main things I go through as I approach my preparing a prayer closet or a special place for my worship and devotional private life.

1-      Where, how and why

2-      For this closet, I had to remodel a bit, closing in a closet in one room and adding a secret entrance from inside the closet into a smaller closet. (My others have been in a broom closet, a bedroom closet, that I built down to a smaller area and a hall closet).

3-      What’s usually inside

4-      What I do to prepare for the Presence.