What I Want to Bless & Multiply in Worship | John Wimber

By, John Wimber

A. Servant Leaders
(In hearts, attitudes and actions)

1. People who are elders
(Eager to serve, lovers of the church, humble, their lives are examples to others, they are blameless both in the church and the world, self-controlled, temperate, gentle, not argumentative or hot-headed, married to one spouse and manage their home well and have obedient children, mature believers who are both holy and disciplined.
[1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:2-4].

2. People who are long-term
(Stay at home builders; i.e. pastors and equippers)

B. Servant leaders not caught up in the Rock’ n Roll paradigm

1. My Name [Gen. 11:4]
His Name [Acts 4:12]

2. My Will [Luke 15:12]
His Will {Matt. 6:10; 26:39ff]

3. Serve Me [Luke 15:12; Matt. 20:26; 25:26]
Serve Him [Phil. 2:5-7; Luke 17:10]

C. Profile- Qualities

1. Men and women who are:
a. Called and commissioned to serve [Paul in Acts 9:15; 11:25-26; 13:1-3], whether volunteer, part-time, or full time, paid or not, temporary or permanent.

b. Willing to render humble service, service that is sacrificial in nature [Luke 17:10].

c. Willing to conform to church discipline and eldership requirements [1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9].

2. Some additional general characteristics- Worship leaders are highly visible; therefore I seek those who are:

a. Team players
b. Able to take correction
c. Able to see the larger picture, and not just the worship picture
d. Able to hear from God, leaders, and others
e. Able to worship and lead others into worship
f. Able to equip and raise up equippers
g. Able to understand and to communicate to others about Vineyard worship

D. Things I am concerned about in the near future

1. The propensity toward moving from the simple to the complex:

a. In songs we are writing

b. In the way we are presenting them [i.e. arrangements, performances, etc..]

c. The tendency toward inner focus over and against upward
· Leaving the congregation in the state of an audience
· Performing to please others [models, people, etc.]