Children & Family Resources

I am adding this resource page because people are asking me my advice on ministry solutions for kids. I have taken it upon myself to be the first minister to my kids. I believe that the fathers of the household need to be spiritual leaders and so it is my personal mission to reach my kids for Jesus even before anyone else.

And not just that, I really believe that we are the first ones in our kids lives to teach them about the Kingdom of GOD. So, I do not go off on my own and do ministry nor do I go off on my own and do outreach or minister from the pulpit. I am teaching my kids to do ministry right beside me. When I preach, I allow my kids to pray for people that come forward. And when I go out day by day, I teach my children how to pray for people and share our faith. I teach them in all ways and everywhere.

So, here are some resources I have personally found through friends’ advice or by the grace of GOD. I want to share them here.

1. My favorite kids’ Bible is:

(I believe that we Dads need to pray with our kids and read the Bible to them daily. If we do it for ourselves, then we need to demonstrate it with them).

It is really neat to see the thread of how Jesus is important to every major story and theme in the Bible. Very cool stuff.

My favorite Bible for this is: “The Jesus Storybook Bible”

2. My favorite teaching series for learning theology and Bible History is:

(I believe that the more we teach our kids, the more they will have available for later).

My favorite learning resource is: The “What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver” Series

It is fun and Sesame Street like and at the same time, it has so much for kids on not just the stories of the Bible, but every detail throughout the books of the Bible, hitting every book and developing kids’ understanding right down to apologetics and church history in a way that I wish every ADULT understood. If you are an adult out there and you want to learn more, you should watch it. It is DEEP and still fun!

3. My favorite Bible memorization resource is:

(Kids cannot use the Bible if they do not memorize it or know it).

So, why not make it fun and rewarding. Awana does this. It is like boy scouts and girl scouts for Bible and for kids. There are groups you can join all over the place and why not have that kind of fun, team-like camaraderie if you can? Very cool stuff and the stories teach morals and character as well as are engrossing. With a resource such as this, you really can surround your kids with the learning tools and the team they need to grow strong in Christ!

Find out more about them here:

Welcome to Awana

4. My Favorite Entertainment for Kids

Because, let’s not kid ourselves, children love entertainment!

There are two resources I recommend.

A. Adventures in Odyssey (Radio stories now on audio CD)

B. NEST Animated Bible (From some of the old animators of Disney)