SEO | Web Ratings Directory Listing

This is a little different than just putting your website in the web directories listed here. There is a ratings component involved. So, you can add a button or a link and people are then able to add ratings about your page and your company. The pages of course already give you a better level of value to the web for search engines, however, with the ratings element, it only increases the traffic flow.

Also, some of these ratings companies and sites are connected to smartphone apps, mobile sites, iPhone apps, WebOS, Android or other Web apps. This makes not only a good move for search engine optimization sake, but also for anyone that has a brick and mortar business to be found on a more ongoing basis and have your information listed in more than one spot.

I originally did this list for my wife’s Day Care business and it really did help her get up the search engine ladder quickly for Google. So, when you click through, you will see her actual local page and you can see what you can do in each one. Simply click through their sites and add your own pages. I hope this helps you as you get a good idea of what you can do.

So, here is the list I have compiled so far:

List of Directories for rating and Visibility

Now, this list does not even count sites that are content specific. Some of those directories require you to be in a certain area or field. I will post some of those later.