The Tapestry has Moved!

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Hello Everyone!

It is official! It has become a reality! Every rumor that you have heard has an element of truth to it! The Tapestry is going through some amazing changes!

There are two things that we want everyone to know.

We're Moving!
The first,

We heard your hearts loud and clear and after over 2 1/2 years, we are moving to a new location and a new better evening time. The era of meeting in schools has passed and we now have a wonderful, beautiful church building that we meet in. It is over 3 blocks closer to the metro, is fully equipped with all equipment we need and there will now be minimal setup and tear down. What this will do is allow us to minister to your needs better, longer and without as much stress! Isn’t that awesome! And we now have what many have what many of you have been longing for… More ministry TIME!!!!

So, here are the details:

The Schedule:
6:01pm – Doors Open
6:11pm – Prayer & Preparation
6:24pm – Tapestry Cafe
6:26pm – the Tapestry Service Begins

The Location:
the Twinbrook Community Church Sanctuary
5906 Halpine Rd. Rockville, MD 20851 (CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS).

If you are taking the Metro: (CLICK HERE)
Get off at the Twinbrook Metro Stop, get out on the Twinbrook Parkway exit. Walk out one block to Twinbrook Parkway, stand at the sign, look left and the church is there beside you on the left! It’s that close!!!!

(Please do not send mail here. Our mailing address is still “Tapestry Church, PO Box 2394, Kensington, MD 20891)

Sunday Mornings!
The Second,

We are beginning “Tapestry Sunday Mornings” Services!
the Tapestry Church will begin Sunday morning services on April 8, 2007 for our first trial morning. And will start meeting weekly on Sunday mornings on May, 6, 2007! This will be our official start date. We again heard your cry! We know that there are many families out there that want to come to the Vineyard who just can’t make that hip evening services and need something for the kids as well, so we have started the Sunday morning service and not only that, we chose a place that’s nearer to the families that we are already reaching. We found a great, central location with an amazing artsy feel!


10:30am until 11:30am


The old First Baptist Church of Bethesda
(Now, “Church in Bethesda”)
(Address to come in our next post. We don’t want to confuse our Sunday night guys!)

We will give you further information closer to the date, however, if you are interested in hearing more information about this new development, you need to let us know or keep your eyes here and we will give you the information as we get it.

We hope that all of our Tapestry family knows that we love you deeply and that is why we are taking some major steps to make sure that EVERYONE has a place here with us!

Tapestry, YOU ROCK!



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