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Latest YouTube for PD, Lor & AB

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Our Latest Youtube’s New Videos from pdlorab It’s My Birthday! Hey Mommy Eatin’ my food tap tap tap part 2 mommy gave me the hiccups i love my new wagon wagon you listen to me on the phone with uncle joey 2 on the phone with uncle joey 1 on the whone with the cousins new toy from miss lisa ab wagon 6 ab wagon 5 ab wagon 4 ab wagon 3 AB wagon 2 AB wagon 1 tap tap tap wierdo dog food baby Another Lemon Do Again Do...

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A Few Thoughts on Spiceworks

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  First, I must say that my job requires some serious decision making when it comes to continuity and compliance. And at the same time, I find that very often, I am required to make huge decisions on the fly and with a shoe-string budget. The only way to survive these kinds of situations is to find allies, creative solutions and free applications. Spiceworks is one of those applications that makes my life VERY easy. Spiceworks is a free application that keep catalogs a ton of information for administrative use. Spiceworks ( runs on your network and catalogs information regarding workstations, servers, printers, etc.  In an easy to use GUI, Spiceworks detects installed software, patch levels, and any type of network anomalies that could cause issues.  This application is 100% free and is available to anyone who wants it. If this sounds too good to be true, please read on.  The following are the caveats of the privacy policy. Privacy Policy: All of this configuration information is stored locally in a file on your computer in an encoded format. Access to this file is password protected using the operating systems access control mechanisms. None of this configuration information is sent to, or stored at, Spiceworks. This file and its contents are not made accessible through the Spiceworks Desktop to Spiceworks. From time to time, the Spiceworks Desktop does collect a limited amount of anonymous aggregate information about your computing environment. This information is collected into groups so that it no longer reflects or references an individually identifiable user, device, or software application. No device-specific or software-specific information is stored at Spiceworks. Your copy of the Spiceworks Desktop includes a unique application number. When you install the Spiceworks Desktop, this number and a message indicating whether the installation succeeded or failed, is sent back to Spiceworks. Also, when the Spiceworks Desktop automatically checks to see if a new version is available, the current version number and the unique application number are sent to Spiceworks. We may share anonymous aggregated information with third parties outside of Spiceworks. We may use log file information, which does not identify individual users, to analyze trends, to administer the site, to track users’ movements around the site, to gather demographic information about our user base as a whole, and to operate and improve the Spiceworks technologies and services. This information that is gathered does not breech our privacy policies and simply put, is anonymous enough that I can feel very comfortable sharing the little bit of data these guys receive. Heck, if you can install windows on a machine with all of Microsoft’s intrusions and unexpected reboots and such, then this little application will be seen as non-issue. Pros vs. Cons Pros: Very thorough. Once the scan was over, I could easily identify how many copies of a particular program were running and their associated versions. It also catalogues extremely useful information like MAC addresses, serial numbers and IP addresses. Spiceworks will work for both Windows and other platforms. Spiceworks makes short work of identifying machines that need immediate attention. It’s nice to be a bit more proactive. Cons: It has issues with your virus/malware solution. So, you have to right off the bat make sure that it has needed rights in your firewall and virus/malware software, or you will hang. Extremely slow for the first scan. Processor intensive. You can either have a dedicated machine, or make sure that your processor is dual core and have more than 512mb of ram. There are ads. But, reall, what did you expect for free?! My Thoughts: The data is password protected and stored locally.  My machine is a windows xp, Core 2 Duo, Dell SC440, with 1GB of RAM. It is slow on the onset and that makes sense since it is scanning the entire network. Once it is running, it is an amazing app that I am not willing to live without. So, you make the choice! d...

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Email to Text Messaging Provider Email Extension List

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Here is a list of the email endings for cell phone numbers listed by provider in the US. United States Provider E-mail to SMS address format 3 River Wireless Advantage Communications AirVoice Airtouch Pagers Airtouch Pagers Airtouch Pagers Airtouch Pagers AllTel Alltel PCS Alltel Ameritech Paging Arch Pagers (PageNet) Arch Pagers (PageNet) Bell South (Blackberry) Bell South Mobility Bell South Bell South Bell South Bluegrass Cellular Boost Mobile Boost CallPlus Carolina Mobile Communications Cellular One East Coast Cellular One PCS Cellular One South West Cellular One West Cellular One Cellular One Cellular One Cellular South Central Vermont Communications CenturyTel Cingular (GSM) Cingular (TDMA) Cingular Wireless Cingular Communication Specialists Cook Paging Corr Wireless Communications Dobson Communications Corporation Dobson-Alex Wireless / Dobson-Cellular One Edge Wireless GCS Paging GTE GTE Galaxy Corporation GrayLink / Porta-Phone Houston Cellular Inland Cellular Telephone JSM Tele-Page Lauttamus Communication MCI Phone MCI Metro PCS Metro PCS MetroPCS Metrocall 2-way Metrocall Midwest Wireless Mobilecom PA Mobilfone Morris Wireless NPI Wireless Nextel Nextel Ntelos Omnipoint Omnipoint OnlineBeep PCS One Pacific Bell PageMart PageOne NorthWest Pioneer / Enid Cellular Price Communications ProPage Public Service Cellular Qualcomm Qwest RAM Page ST Paging Safaricom Satelindo GSM Satellink Simple Freedom Skytel Pagers Skytel Pagers Smart Telecom Southern LINC Southwestern Bell Sprint PCS Sprint SunCom Surewest Communications T-Mobile TIM TSR Wireless TSR Wireless Teletouch Telus The Indiana Paging Co Triton US Cellular USA Mobility Unicel Verizon PCS Verizon Pagers Verizon Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile WebLink Wireless West Central Wireless Western Wireless Wyndtell...

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How Will They Hear | Tapestry Podcast

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If you listen to one of my messages this year, listen to this one. This is going to be one of the foundational messages for the Tapestry. I have had a number of folks that want to download the message as well and you can do that at the link below! Please use this, share it, give it away, copy it and let everyone hear it. This is a great message to use for evangelism. We are going to give these away at the church. iTunes Podcast Link Tapestry Sermon Link (Listen Online) Download the Sermon Here (Coming Soon) Blessings!...

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Fred Raynaud | Tapestry PM Podcast 6-29-2008

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Tapestry Podcast PM Service Date | 6-29-2008 Speaker | Fred Raynaud Title | A Word for the Tapestry Fred’s message from 6-29-2008 was so packed FULL of prophetic insight. This sermon is one of the ones that has set the stage for the current renewing, reviving, refreshing work that is now going on in the Tapestry. So, if you like the latter teaching you are hearing at the Tapestry, stroll back to this one on 6-29 and listen to the depth of things to come for us. Blessings!

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