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Mortgage Calculators

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GOOD MONDAY MORNING A DAY LATE! HAHAHA! OK, So I was a little pre-occupied to get an exciting email out yesterday, however, that does NOT mean I am down for the count! So, here is your Monday morning email a day late!!!! Just to recap the last week, we have had an amazing time at the Tapestry! We had the annual Thanksgiving Dinner and a Christmas Movie . I have to say that I have never eaten so much nor laughed so hard! The deep fat fried turkey as always was the BEST! If you didn’t make it this year, you will have to plan to be there next. And I don’t know about you guys, but ELF is one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time! That was just plain fun to watch on the BIG screen. Also, it IS official, the tax paperwork came in and the Tapestry Reserve is NOT 28 acres, but 50 acres! So, that’s a HUGE surprise and bonus. Can you believe just how GREAT our GOD is? I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend, I know I did. Lori and I travelled down to see my parents in North Carolina and it was one of the best times EVER! I had so much fun talking about my childhood and meeting with GOD in my prayer times while on the farm. It just revived my soul. While I was there, I decided that I will be working this year on my life story. So, please keep me in prayer as I continue to write. I have had so many people that have told me that they have received words from the Lord about my writing it. So, I guess it’s time to start sharing the stories, the miracles and the journals. A HUGE thanks to Fidelis for speaking this weekend and for Daeho jumping in and taking care of all the setup on a moment’s notice since Lori and I were stuck in traffic for OVER 8 1/2 hours. I am just happy we got back in time to go out for dinner with everyone. A few things to remember are: 1. We have a guest speaker on Sunday who will be talking about Romanian orphans. 2. We have GSF on the 9th. 3. We will be recording the worship during the service on the 10th 4. The Annual Christmas Party is coming up 5. The FIRST EVER payment will be made on the Tapestry Reserve and we are beginning the building planning and the Trust paperwork as we place the land into conservancy. 6. We will be event planning over the next few weeks with the leaders for this next year and we would like your input. Please simply reply to this email if there are things you would like to do this year as a church. EVERYONE can have input. WE WANT YOUR IDEAS! 7. And pray as we prepare the OFFICIAL Tapestry Budget and pray about the ways we will be stepping out this next year financially by faith! 8. Patrick & Fidelis have small groups going during the winter while the rest take a break until January. There will be fun events ocurring in their stead. 9. We will NOT have service DECEMBER 24th. It is a family day! Enjoy! 10. We will be having a coat drive for all the needy. If you have coats, donate. They will be handed out to the homeless by our teams. We especially need men’s coats. Tapestry, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love you all! You just have no idea how much my heart pours love out when I think of you all. And you guys who have been away for a few weeks, I have missed you and pray for you daily. I look forward to seeing you during this family-filled season. Email me if you need any special prayer. What a fun time of the year! Let’s get pumped for Christmas! Blessings!pd dustinhedrick Copyright © 2006 the Tapestry Church. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only.Plugin by...

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Bloom * A Different Kind of Grocery Store

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Peapod – Online Grocery Shopping

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