“Dustin cares for people and passionately desires them to go for all God has in store for them–he has spoken into my life and I continue to be encouraged and empowered to move ahead.”

-Randy Fisk | Pastor, Illinois

“Dustin is a committed leader, friend and disciple of Jesus Christ who has spoken Truth into my life.”

-Steve Jones | Clinical Psychiatrist, NC

“When we testify of you and your life, we are drawn to worship GOD. And that’s the test.”

-Edwin Mowoh | Mustard Seed Ministries

(A US & Cameroon Based Ministry)

“Dustin and Lori are a dynamic duo, I love how they refer to their family as a team, because that truly is how they function in life and ministry. Families like theirs that model Jesus and keep Him center of all they do are few and far between. This is a family bent before the Lord. They ache to see His kingdom come. I know this because I have witnessed first hand the tears poured out and heard the groaning of their hearts as they lay prostrate before the Lord interceding for revival to shake this nation. I am blessed to call them friends and remain challenged by the lives they live.”

-Ashley Shepherd

Reviews on the Warrior’s Manual (Dustin’s first book)

“Your book has opened me up to the reality of God’s love for me. I have read several so-called spiritual ‘boot camp’ books that are designed to make your relationship with GOD, JESUS, and  HOLY SPIRIT and the disciplines related to that a reality but none of them have done it in the extremely personal way that ‘The Warrior’s Manual’ has done for me. Because if it my spiritual life and relationships with people I know and meet are the best they have ever been and continue to grow. I now know what ‘freedom in Christ’ is and how it looks and feels. Pretty good for a 61-year old man who has become an excited youngster in Christ.

-James Borden (Licensed Reactor Operator, VA)

“Dustin writes with a call to the heart and points to the depths of what it means to walk in Christ and press on towards that high calling in Him. A thoughtful read for anyone desiring to walk and win in this life of faith. Be blessed!”

-Fred Raynaud | Chef, Author & Speaker

“In a world so heavy laden with watered down versions of the truth, here is a book that draws us back to the core of true Christianity as its main focus. Biblically sound and firmly rooted in the virtues and morals that once ruled us as a society, this book’s message will convict and draw you back to a love walk with Papa God and Holy Spirit as well as give you the tools to walk out your calling with integrity.”

-Ashley Shepherd

“…It is the author’s philosophy that, in the modern world, Christian churchgoers experience their religion as a passive force, and so Hedrick’s book aims to revive faith through a conscious study of the Scriptures in order to understand what real commitment to faith is. …The Warrior’s Manual: The Ancient Paths of the Warrior King for the Warrior Bride will prove an insightful and thought provoking read for anyone looking to explore a new angle to their faith.”

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite