The Life & Diary of David Brainerd


This book includes the diary entries of the late David Brainerd as recorded by the author himself and Jonathan Edwards. This edition has been modernized and updated as well as annotated by Dustin Hedrick.


David Brainerd was one of the most effective revivalists and missionaries during the First Great Awakening in America. He was specifically sent to work with the First Nations People or Native Americans in the US. His diary records his thoughts and feelings from before he studied, through his studies and into his mission work until his death.

A lifelong friend of Jonathan Edwards and the Tennant’s, Brainerd is portrayed by them as a self-sacrificing, hard working, passionate preacher to the lost.

If his life affected Jonathan Edwards and Edwards felt the need for all of us to read his diaries, then I think this is a must read for anyone that considers themselves a student of revival.


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