Sermon: Knowing GOD and Being Known

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A sermon dating back to April 2014. In this sermon Dustin discusses intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and knowing GOD as well as Being Known by HIM.


It’s time to slow down, unpack what we are learning and sense GOD. Holy Spirit is powerful this Sunday. There are a lot of side notes on how to allow the Holy Spirit to have space and time for us to “Soak” in HIS Presence.

This sermon is from 2014-4-14

The quality is tough in some spots for an unknown reason. We never had this kind of an issue with recording on an iphone before. The only thing I know is the Presence of GOD was strong that day and many people were staying at the altar encountering GOD on their faces so I am not sure if that played a part. If you can stand to make it through the tough parts, there are some real nuggets. It was a strong Sunday of encounter.


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