Why Settle for Mediocre When You Can Have the Fire?

GOD is stirring a generation to be set apart for HIM. Why not fight back against the crowd and the culture and stand up for Jesus? Why not be loud and proud about the GOD we serve? The world has enough halfway Church goes. Why not be all in? The world has yet to see what one person sold out for the cause of Christ can do.

About DHM

DHM is focused on one thing and one thing alone. Calling Sons and Daughters back to loving GOD with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strength. We are an evangelistic ministry and are driven to see the Good News of the Cross of Jesus Christ shared everywhere through powerful demonstration, especially in America again.

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After over 20 years of ministry as a youth pastor, missionary in Atlanta, GA and church planter in the Washington, DC, Dustin decided to take all of the things that were most important and write them for the next generation.

Get Dustin's Book, the Forest Fire

With the stirrings we have seen on college campuses again, Daniel & Dustin decided it was time to write this book to encourage the next generation for revival on their campuses. This is more than the UNC Chapel Hill story, it’s a call for America’s campuses again!

"Pray, then, in this way: 'Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven."

We invite you to join our Hedrick family in our vision. Our vision is; “We as a family are setting ourselves apart for HIS worship and glory, asking HIM to tabernacle in the midst of us. We desire to inherit the Manifest Presence of GOD allowing HIS Kingdom full reign through our lives so the nations may know HIS GREAT NAME.”

2009 Tapestry the First 5 Years

In our trek through our past pictures, stories and videos, we cannot go without sharing this video that we created back in the day to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the Tapestry Church. We planted the Tapestry Church in Washington, DC on June 6, 2004 and this...

Saw this at the Burt Wealth office today during a visit. That’s when I was The IT Director there and after being recognized by Schwab and CRM Software for my development and implementation work. What an honor to have been a part of this team during the early years and getting to develop the systems and processes that took it from $178M in managed assets to $500M without adding staff!!!! Boom! That’s what we do with 714 Consulting now. We make our client’s businesses a success reducing the amount of people needed to massively grow through proper technology and systems with processes and workflows! Awesome!

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Pretty Sure We Found Our Land (wk67.w)

Today we did regular summer-y things and the kids have fully enjoyed not being in school. We had a dinosaur eating contest and then we went looking at more houses and land. I think we found the place we would like to call home. SOOOO PEACEFUL! Welcome to our...

Looking For Land Now…Not a House (wk67.tu)

Made the kiddos their favorite breakfast. We decided not to go with the house we were looking at. I had a "teacher's work day" with a friend. And now we are getting our heads wrapped around looking for a piece of land instead of looking for a house. Welcome to our...

Dustin’s Second Trip to Kenya | 2009

This is the second of many trips that Dustin took to Kenya as we setup our Global Foundation and church planted there. In this video, you see some amazing stories. We are capturing these videos for our family and to share our back story for anyone who wants to know...

Dustin’s First Trip to Kenya | 2009

Would you ever take a trip to a country in Africa based on a relationship on Facebook? Well, that's what happened to our family. Dustin travels to Kenya this first time after telling a pastor on Facebook who is trying to raise money to instead give all he has and feed...

The New Dark Ages

The Dark Age was an era where people were illiterate, not trained to read and did not have access to text to read. They were encouraged by the church to be unknowing and unlearning. There was no access even to the Bible. Watch this devotion and see how Dustin relates...

Community of Hope

What would it be like if we were a true community of hope? What is the church created for? It is a place to give hope for those in the world that do not yet know GOD. We are a place of hope. Listen as we discuss what that would look like today. This message is from...