At DHM, we believe that the best way for anyone to learn is not simply by sitting and listening, but by doing as well. So, we have our community outreach piece we do with local churches and our local and foreign missions we do with our partners here in the states as well as overseas.

With so many years of local, inner-city and overseas missions, we have plenty of experience with young people as well as older in learning settings and going out on missions.

Since our GOD is on mission, we are learning to join HIM where HE is working daily and there is no better place to do this then the pressure cooker of missions work outside our home context. Immersion gives a better forum for quick development of a listening ear to GOD and exposes us to other cultures as well as gives us opportunities to serve and receive.

Missions does not just change the folks we reach out to, more often, it changes us. Our missions organizations are long term relationships we have had in working in the various fields where we serve. We have worked with them for years and they have many years of experience as well as knowledge of their areas of the world.

We partner with people that believe in John 14:6 and that adhere to the basic tenants of the faith. And we partner with only folks that have the same integrity and values we have.

Guts to Serve missions intensives are not your normal summer camps or missions trips. They have elements of Justice, Mercy and Presence of GOD encounter throughout them and students are face to face with real life issues as they learn to hear GOD’s voice to serve and bring real life encounter to those who need it most.

Your students will be changed and affected as they go out with us at DHM during GTS. Making a GTS is the key to embedding the values of the M68 movement firmly in a student’s life. There is much we can do in talking about it, but the real question is????

…do you have the Guts to Serve.

GTS Local is a summer mission here in the heart of our nation’s capitol. Now, we want to give credit where it is due. GTS came from our time spent in Atlanta, GA at Blood-n-Fire Ministries where the original Guts to Serve camp was the centerpiece to the work we at BNF did all summer long.

We are committed to continuing that story and vision with GTS here in the DC and Baltimore areas. GTS is a week of intense service. It covers the three areas of the M68 movement which include, justice, mercy and humility in proximity to GOD’s Presence.

During a GTS week, students can expect to daily:

1- Walk humbly… Daily, we have individual time to Practice the Presence of GOD through habits that date back to the beginnings of Christianity. These Spiritual practices are more than symbol or discipline, they are engaging the Spirit of GOD while bringing ourselves into a place where HE can align our hearts to HIS will. We cannot go out before we slow down and listen and learn to hear GOD’s voice. We as well daily worship together and corporately hear where GOD is leading us that day in ministry. From this place of “refilling” of the Spirit, we then go out to do the work in outflow…

2- Do Justice… Students do justice as they go out to serve in area cleanup projects in the DC and Baltimore areas, they serve at Back Yard Bible Clubs teaching young people and/or simply playing and bringing them healthy, loving human interaction, reaching out to the homeless, doing creative kindness outreaches at the National Mall, or prayer ministry such as; prayer walking, street prayer ministry or time in one of our local Prayer House, prayer rooms.

3- Love Mercy… Students learn mercy by loving on the ones that our society deems “unlovely.” We see the hand of GOD as we show love to people that sometimes have never even had a real hug or kind work at least in years if not ever. As students experience GOD working through their own lives through mercy ministry, GTS makes space for them to personally encounter GOD and for HIM to bring understanding and awareness to what they are doing. What ends up happening in our nightly encounter services is a beautiful collision with the mercy of GOD in their own lives. As we extend mercy, we receive it. And through the evening encounter ministry times, Holy Spirit is able to interact with each one of us uniquely as we learn and grow together. You learn to love mercy as you receive it!


Washington, DC

Baltimore, MD

GTS International partners with a few of the countries where DHM has access to ongoing missions work.

DHM has partnerships and relationships with many other ministries and countries, however, the ones we offer a possibility for students to go to are selected due to their level of safety, their years in ministry and their level of integrity.

Students that are either entering college or attend college are invited to join us for what we believe is the real in depth intensive for every Christian and that is making a missions trip outside of their own culture and comfort-zone.

Students that have already attended a “GTS Local” event are encouraged to sign up for GTS International event. We see the Local events as a prerequisite to going overseas with us because at the GTS local events, students go deep in every area of our missions work before going into a place where they HAVE TO USE what they have learned.

In the field, we have learned that serving those in need often doesn’t quickly change their world, but it does change us.

Some of the areas our teams serve in include, orphanages, safe houses, schools, those that are hungry, micro-enterprise with social payback and so much more.





Fill out our contact form for GTS here, and start a conversation that could lead to your finding out if you really do have the guts to serve!!!!