The Story

Dustin accepted the LORD at 6 years old when he heard GOD call his name. He began to read the Bible at a young age and as a youth was introduced to the book, “Experiencing GOD” by Henry Blackaby.

He began sharing the Gospel in 1991, at the age of 17, when he sensed his call from the Lord to be a Minister of the Gospel. He struggled with it for a year as others including his youth pastor and pastor continually encouraged him while he already ministered with his youth group and in 1993 and finally accepted that call at 18 years old.

He then met with Dr. Blackaby who gave him a significant shove in the right direction toward knowing GOD and knowing HIS voice and joining GOD where HE is already working. This became the theme of HIS life; “Intimacy with the Holy Spirit and activity of the Kingdom.”

This gives him a huge burden for young people, knowing their capacity for encountering GOD as well as what they can do at a young age abiding in the Kingdom of GOD.

While attending UNC, he first publicly preached at the UNC Women’s Basketball Championship for all the parents, team, coaches and band before the ladies won in 1994 on Easter Sunday and he went on from that event with the help of friends that he attended the game with as well as met there to found a Christian college fraternity.  

He youth pastored at a local church, and co-led a college campus awakening that not only affected his campus but 23 states, 41 campus ministries and many more campuses than UNC.

This propelled him forward into licensed and ordained ministry in 1994 and in 1997, that led to the founding of his first ministry, Sparkplug Ministries.

He has since traveled to many states and has had a wide reach spanning many countries in five continents.

During these travels, he has been most involved in church planting in Mexico and instrumental in Kenyan church planting and consulting in government affairs.

He has served as an inner-city missionary, a youth pastor in various denominational and non-denominational churches, served as an English pastor in a Korean church, and in 2004 planted a multi-cultural church in Washington, DC as well as served in ministry in various capacities on Capitol Hill.

As a church planter, he funded the work of the church for the first five years along with his wife as a bi-vocational minister.

In the business world, GOD blessed in a “Joseph-like” way as an IT developer and now entrepreneur while funding the planting of the work in DC.

In his 10+ years of work in the secular workforce, after starting as a Starbucks barista, he has had significant success in Corporate Sales as well as IT Development and more serving as an awarded Corporate Sales Coordinator of the DC area for a large well known international company, A Operations Manager of a DC investment firm managing a half billion dollars for high net worth investors as well as an awarded and recognized IT Director for four separate DC area firms simultaneously spanning 3 industries; “Law, Accounting, Financial Investing.”

This led him to co-found his own company with a college best friend and now he offers solutions in IT for organizations including high level government organizations. All of which has been done while planting prayer & discipleship ministries, churches, prayer rooms and doing ministry.

He comes from a long line of Patriots with ancestors that were a part of founding the Jamestown Colony, Mass Bay Colony, as well as pastors that brought the Gospel first to America reaching the First Nations Peoples (Native American) and the first established church on the Isle of Wight.

He has 23 revolutionary war patriot ancestors, one of which is on record as fighting beside Washington and near Lafayette at Yorktown.

His “Hedrick” namesake was an officer in Washington’s militia and the founder of Fort Swatara in PA and he is being fellowshipped as a Son of the American Revolution.

This gives him a deep value for the country that he is now called to evangelize as a missionary and evangelist our United States of America. As well as a good footing in teaching the next generation the values that America was built on.

Dustin, Lori and the family are now intercessory missionaries doing the work of evangelism and revivalism in the United States.

Dustin spends much of his time writing, developing software and applications, ministering on the streets, preaching in churches both on the road and at home, and ministering on college and university campuses as well as in various private and public schools.

He serves in ministry on our nation’s capitol, ministering to staff and interns on the Hill for the last 9 years.

He and his wife, Lori have 2 girls, Anna Elizabeth and Lydia Grace as well as one boy, Malachi Isaac.