Hey Everyone, today on our Life Giving Bible Study Broadcast, we are looking at Proverbs 7. And in this chapter, Dustin reveals some of the key ingredients to walking with GOD in a way that fights the spirit of seduction in our culture as well as teaches us to have business practices that affect our clients and community around us. Come join in!

Welcome to the DHM channel! We are so thankful that you chose to watch our videos and broadcasts. Our hope is that through something you come across while here, you will be drawn into a deeper relationship with GOD and encouraged. Please know that all we do is for the glory of GOD and to edify the larger body of Jesus Christ around the world.

Dustin Hedrick has been in ministry for over 20 years as a youth pastor, inner-city missionary, church planter, evangelist and Senior Pastor. He currently resides in North Carolina and ministers at New Life Church on the pastoral ministry team as they send him to speak around the world and do evangelism with his family. (See more of that at their daily family vlog, “Fascinated with Jesus,” the link is below)…

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