Dustin shares a little about being faithful with the small. We are starting to look for land. We have a logistics meeting. Dustin shows you our house…eek…!! And here is a quote from me…”It’s not everyday that I have it all together but boy we celebrate the days I do” Today was one of those days! Ha! I don’t think it is mentioned in the video but I had been reading Kim Brenneman’s book HOME MANAGEMENT Plain and Simple! It is a great book. You get another small peek at the kiddos piano lessons! Dustin lost his phone. And our perspective is put in check again when we see the most gorgeous sunset!! Oh and someone may or may not have PAID AB to eat a piece of carrot cake!!

Welcome to our Fascinated With Jesus Vlog!!

We have dedicated our lives to teaching our kiddos how to live and experience the Kingdom of God and share JESUS with the world. We figured since we were at it, we might as well press record and share this part of the journey with you. We are bravely and boldly inviting you to peek in and join along with us!

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