By dustinhedrick

So much was happening so quickly in 2012 that I had to begin to record it all. I had been fighting an autoimmune disease since 2011 and had been in and out of hospitals, doctors’ offices and tests tests tests. I had had so many MRI’s that I bled contrast.

It’s interesting to hear me even mention my memory loss back then. It took us three months until Christmas had past for us to tell the church about my battle with an auto-immune disorder (later to be called MS). And so, this was the beginning of the part of my life where I got “ok” with it. I could have never known healing was coming. (All of this will be shared in more detail in my upcoming book, “The Warrior’s Battle.”)

And yet at the same time as my health was in question and as I still was bi-vocational working for a finance firm in IT under huge duress and church planting, putting in as much as 80 hours per week, the moving of GOD pushed Lori and I through it until we had to plant a prayer house and I wanted to man it for the first hours of the morning before work. CRAZY!

This is so anti everything you are supposed to do when to dealing with MS. And yet, this is where it started…

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