I have found my great love again for ministry. We have just begun ministering through counseling and prayer at the local food bank with an amazing pastoral team and food bank veterans with a food bank that has been around 20 years. After 4.5 hours of serving, counseling and praying for 40 families today with the amazing team, I found myself in the middle of Isaiah 61. Reminded me of Blood n Fire Ministries a good bit, for all my old BNF peeps.

In my community and the people who serve it. I love the families we served. I am so thankful for all the families that would allow us to be a part of their lives. Just so thankful today. GOD bless the good things that are happening in our world. I am encouraged today by these amazing people.

I just wanted to say that if you are out there and you are wanting to get in the middle of GOD’s heart for your community, find a way to serve with Sporit Filled people who are Jesus centered and service hearted. The challenge is doing our outreach and service in Jesus’ name unapologetically and yet at the same time not being the kind of people that force our faith on people. This wonderful balance allows everyone involved to breathe and receieve.

What an awesome thing to be a part of something like this. Go find your fit in your community. If you are only doing things for yourself or your family with no other care for others, you are missing out on the best part of Christianity. “The Son only does what HE sees HIS FATHER doing… The FATHER is always at work.” Now all we have to do is find where HE is working and join HIM.

We just found where HE is working in our town. Have you found the places in your town?

Just do it!