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I want to say this and I say it from the depths of my heart and I mean it. I don’t mind if you don’t like me and I don’t mind if you don’t believe me. I want to be clear and you can quote me on it; “I’m a reporter, not a lawyer. So, just read it and leave me alone…”

This is simply my story. I am doing the best I can telling it. And I am getting people to help me do it that were there in order to give credence and credibility to what I have seen and joined GOD in doing.

This is not something I am making up. Believe me, I cannot make this crap up. (My wife hates my use of the word “crap,” but since I have not said a curse word in decades, I will use it as I want. Heck, it’s my story. I can tell it the way I feel it). And my wife will agree (Lori Michelle Hedrick. “Chapman” when I met her). She can tell you a huge chunk of this life after the revivals in the 1990’s. The rest my friends can tell.

I will ask them to add to this story as needed.

So, before I get started, let’s give my parents honor in starting in the beginning. It all started with a name. It wasn’t a name I chose. As a matter of fact, it was a name I hated. I still loathe it a little.

Dustin – “Valiant Fighter or Warrior”

I always thought it weird that everything around me had to do with “Warriors.” My mascot from high school, my name, (so many other things I won’t share here), and even prophetic words or words of knowledge and wisdom that people came up and randomly gave me around the world from the 1990’s till now.

When people started to speak to me or call me out in church services beginning in the 1990’s, they would oftentimes start with, “GOD says you are a warrior…”

This used to upset me a little bit, but it became a telltale sign that it was GOD speaking to me through the word that was shared over the years. It was like a little indicator, a secret between me and GOD. When you have a name like, “Dustin Carl-Lee Smith Hedrick,” you get a lot of jokes in life, issues with government institutions as well as aliases (by accident by said institutions).

And you just to be honest, you become sensitive about a name when you were named in 1974 when an actor by the same name won awards for a movie they were in. If you ever worked at a Book/Music/Movie shop where people come up and read your name tag and they say, “let me guess… You were born around 1974… I know the movie you were named after…”

That stinks! Period!

I hated my name for years, “Dustin.” It doesn’t even sound cool. I didn’t even know what it meant and I hated it. And after I found out what it meant and the connotations of the life I would live, I hated “warrior.”

I hated it!

I hated it until I embraced it. I hated it till it owned me. Till HE owned all of me, not just part of me. Till I let HIM rename me the name I always was to have and that I was given. It was not from an actor. It was from GOD. Now my name and purpose embraces me. The Holy Spirit embraces me.

This is the story that led to embrace…


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